Frequently Asked

Before 10:00pm same day in most cases.

Please allow 2 hours at a minimum.

Yes, but please make sure you have read the report in full before calling.

We prefer you not to be as we need to concentrate without distraction. If time permits at the end of the inspection before we have to leave for our next, then yes we are happy to talk about the findings, but in most cases time does not allow.

No, because these areas fall within a specialist industry, but we may be able to provide some contact details for these upon request.

The limit to our inspections is turning lights on and off and turning taps on and off. An electrician or plumber is a separate trade and inspection. We may be able to provide some contact details for each upon request.  

No, but where possible we may help direct you to which trade or service you need, and always get 3 quotes where possible.

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